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The Year of the Sissy Cocksucker

We’re barely a week into the new year and I think the majority of my calls so far have been from sissy cocksuckers or sissy cocksucker wannabes!

Be the Best Sissy Cocksucker you can be

The Army says “Be all you can be.”  I say “Be the best sissy cocksucker you can be!”  If . . . → Read More: The Year of the Sissy Cocksucker

Do you Crave Cock?

Do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) crave cock?  It amazes me how many men crave cock– either to suck or to fuck them.  I guess I should say, it doesn’t really amaze me- I truly believe there isn’t a man alive who hasn’t fantasized about cock at least once in his life.  What amazes me . . . → Read More: Do you Crave Cock?

Jizzelle the Sissy Cock Sucker

Jizzelle is a sissy cock sucker.  She loves cock.  She also loves to be dolled up and girly so it only stands to reason that she would be proud of being such good sissy cock sucker.

Sissy Cock Sucker is Proud of her Cock Sucking Skills

Jizzelle makes no bones about the fact that she . . . → Read More: Jizzelle the Sissy Cock Sucker

Not-so-Coerced Bi

Is it REALLY coerced bi?

Coerced bi.  Guys are always telling me that they love the idea of coerced bi- being made to suck a cock by a beautiful, dominant woman. It is a very HOT fantasy, for sure, but I have to say, I honestly think it should be called not-so-coerced bi. . . . → Read More: Not-so-Coerced Bi