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Q is for Queening


‘Q’ is for Queening.  Queening refers to a Mistress sitting on the face of her submissive and directing him in oral servitude.

 Face Sitting

The terms queening and facesitting are often used interchangeably.  Either way, I’m sitting on your face, directing you, the submissive.  Sometimes I may sit facing forward so . . . → Read More: Q is for Queening

L is for Leg Worship

‘L’ is for Leg Worship.  Are you a leg-man?  Do you automatically notice long, Lean, Luscious Legs? If so, I’m sure you’ve noticed mine.  I’ve been told I have “legs that go all the way to up,” which cracks me up, because don’t all  legs go all the way up?  Seriously, though…

Erotic Leg . . . → Read More: L is for Leg Worship

B is for Body Worship

Body Worship is the act of physically reverencing another person’s body; most often referring to a male reverencing a female body.

The female body was made to be worshiped.   All those sexy, feminine curves- from the nape of the neck to the tips of the toes-just waiting to be worshiped.

Sensual Body Worship . . . → Read More: B is for Body Worship