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V is for Voyeurism

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“V” is for Voyeurism.  I must admit, I am guilty of enjoying this particular fetish.   Then again, I’m sure you already know that, as much as I write about loving to watch all you kinksters get naked for me and masturbate on cam!

Watching People Masturbate

There . . . → Read More: V is for Voyeurism

U is for Unusual Sex Practices

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“U” stands for the fetish called Unusual Sex Practices.  That’s all well and good, but here’s my dilemma on this one- who defines unusual?  I can guarantee that what might seem unusual to you probably seems perfectly normal to someone else.  Conversely, what seems perfectly normal to you may seem . . . → Read More: U is for Unusual Sex Practices

T is for Tease

Oh how this phone sex mistress loves to tease! Teasing phone sex. Tease and denial. Tease and torment… you name it. If it’s teasing, I love it!

Teasing Phone Sex

I love scenarios where I’m your sexy neighbor who knows you can see her through the window and puts on a show for you . . . → Read More: T is for Tease

S is for Stroking

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I love to watch you on cam as I guide your masturbation session

‘S’ is for Stroking.  What man doesn’t enjoy stroking?  It’s even more enjoyable when a woman is involved.  Whether a woman is stroking your cock for you, telling you how to stroke your cock, watching you stroke your cock, or . . . → Read More: S is for Stroking

R is for Rhabdophilia

Bend Over!!

Rhabdophilia refers to fantasies involving the flagellation fetish– Spanking.

To spank or be spanked?

Do you love to spank, be spanked, or both? If so, you have rhabdophilia.  I love giving a good erotic spanking.   Bending you over my knee, cock positioned strategically between my thighs, kneading those cheeks between my . . . → Read More: R is for Rhabdophilia

Q is for Queening


‘Q’ is for Queening.  Queening refers to a Mistress sitting on the face of her submissive and directing him in oral servitude.

 Face Sitting

The terms queening and facesitting are often used interchangeably.  Either way, I’m sitting on your face, directing you, the submissive.  Sometimes I may sit facing forward so . . . → Read More: Q is for Queening

P is for Phallophilia

‘P’ is for Phallophilia.  Phallophilia is… you guessed it.  An obsession for penises.  It seems, practically the entire population is preoccupied with penises in one way or another.  Does this mean we are all phallophiliacs?

Size Matters

While not wanting to sound pedantic,  I must state the obvious.  Size does matter.  Women are always . . . → Read More: P is for Phallophilia

O is for Orgasm Control

‘O’ is for Orgasm Control.  Orgasm control typically refers to a Mistress controlling whether or not her submissive will have an orgasm.  In fact, she doesn’t just control his orgasm, she controls his cock.

Cock Control

Men, as a rule, tend to think with their cocks.  Some are worse than others, but all are . . . → Read More: O is for Orgasm Control

N is for Naughty

‘N’ is for Naughty!  Around here, naughty is good.  Generally, the naughtier the better!

Naughty Fantasies

We all have fantasies, some naughtier than others.  Some of my fantasies I have tried in real life and others I would never want to try because I feel they are better enjoyed as fantasies.  This is especially . . . → Read More: N is for Naughty

M is for Masturbation

‘M’ is for Masturbation.  There are so very many ways to masturbate.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Guided Masturbation

I enjoy guiding you in your masturbatory explorations- telling you exactly how to stroke it, how many times to stroke, etc.  I especially enjoy having you bring toys or household items into . . . → Read More: M is for Masturbation