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Men in Panties: the Many Nuances

Men in PantiesIt is common for people to automatically think men in panties want to be feminized and/or degraded.  While it is true that some men who wear panties want that, there a LOT of different reasons men wear panties.

Men in Panties for an Erotic Thrill

A lot of men get a big erotic thrill out of wearing panties under their regular manly clothes because it is so naughty and taboo.  These men are not into being humiliated or feminized and oftentimes are not even submissive.  These panty boys just enjoy wearing the panties because of the excitement they get from being secretly naughty.

Men in Panties to be Humiliated

A lot of men wear panties because it makes them feel humiliated and emasculated.  Wearing panties for them is a sign that they aren’t real men and they just don’t measure up.  Many men who wear panties for humiliation also have a small penis which is why they feel they deserve to be made to wear panties.

Men in Panties to be more Submissive

A lot of Mistresses will put their submissives in panties as a way to remind them of their place in the D/s relationship.  Wearing the panties makes the men feel more submissive and obedient than they would if they were allowed to wear boxers or other manly underwear.  That might make them think they are in charge.

Men in Panties to be Feminized

Many men wear panties in order to be feminine, either as a crossdresser or as a sissy.  Those are both two very different things, but in general, the point of them wearing the panties is for them to be feminized.  Many sissies enjoy being dressed in panties as a way of being humiliated as well as being feminized.

As I mentioned there are many reasons why men wear panties and these categories are not concrete or mutually exclusive and certainly don’t include all the reasons men might wear panties.

Why do YOU wear panties?

Until next time pet~

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter

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30 comments to Men in Panties: the Many Nuances

  • Heather

    Let me start by saying I adore Hunter. She is in my opinion the perfect woman and brilliant phone sex mistress. The few times we have spoken have been phenomenal. Her voice is sex personified and she is a great conversationalist. When I look at her and talk with her I want to be with her but also my feminine side wants me to be her.

    I consider myself pansexual and have progressed from stealing my sisters panties to completely feminized when I can find the alone time. I have more lingerie and makeup than my wife. Not to mention wigs, dresses, silicone breast etc…

    For me the dressing, preparation and ability to stay enfemme is a big part of the experience and part of who I am. The ability to girl talk and explore my feminine side with someone like Hunter and culmnate with an erotic finish is the icing on the cake. Creamy icing. So for me I would consider myself a combination cross dressing sissy, feminized, transgendered man/woman. And I wouldn’t change it for the Orleans unless I could become a woman

    • Hunter

      Aww, thank you for the compliment, Heather. I am also very glad that you have/are finding your place and enjoying exploring and reveling in your femininity.

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Delia is really getting on my cadets wear bra with matching panties. :0 I’ve no problem with this but don’t want family/friends/co workers to know. She said a sports bra would be one to wear as its hard to see. Also along with wearing that I’m going to buy women’s pants/tops/boots/dresses. Women’s clothes/fashion is so much better then boring guy fashion.

  • Hi Mistress Hunter!!

    I’m the kind of Caller who likes to be wearing Panties and even a Bra to show my Submissive side, and to Show the Mistress my Soft/weaker side to a D/s Call….
    When i am Wearing Panties I even feel more Sensual, cause I always take a thorough Shave to my body Before even putting them on.

    So Mistress Hunter I don’t know what you would qualify me as, A Crossdresser or a Sissy or a Damn mentally strong MAN?

    Cause for me Showing weakness/softness is Strengths in a Man!!

    • Hunter

      You make a very good point romanticchastity. I suppose technically it would be considered crossdressing but I do believe that it takes a strong man to admit and explore his feminine side, as well as to turn over complete control and submission to his mistress.

  • So good to see you back in the blogosphere, Mistress Hunter! I saw your twitter alert and came right over! Just like the bat signal, the phrase men in panties caused me to sit up and take notice. I wonder how many of your readers actually read this post while actually in their panties. That should definitely be required reading attire, yes?

    • Hunter

      Thanks, Ms. Alexis. I would imagine a pretty good percentage of them read the post while in their panties and yes, I agree- they should definitely be required reading attire!

  • sparty2330

    I wear panties daily and it really keeps me aroused 24/7. I love wearing them in public underneath my clothes because I’m on edge nonstop and I’m always wondering/hoping that a woman will take notice and ask me about it. If things go well I’m hoping she will allow me to model it for her and roll it into a cfnm experience. Being in panties with a clothed woman is extremely hot and there is no disputing who is in charge!!!

    • Hunter

      LOL, sparty! I would hardly call what you wear “panties.” Mostly, they are strings with an inch or two triangle in the front. They cover nothing! And yes, no denying you are anxious to model them for clothed women.

  • bfla

    Ah a subject near and dear to my heart. And most days to my cock and balls, too, lol. As you know I’m closest to the first reason, the erotic, naughty thrill. But with a little more thrown in. There is something about sliding a soft, silky, sexy pair of panties on that makes me breathe harder, get harder, and know that sexually I belong to my mistress and am happily submissive to her desires in this one facet of my life.

    • Hunter

      Yes, there are definitely many reasons for men in panties and those who wear panties don’t always fit in one category. You can still get a naughty, erotic thrill out of wearing panties and also feel more submissive to your mistresses desires because you are wearing them.

  • Petey cream puff

    Once you have me in matching pink bra/panty set with pink cage will hormones/makeover along with me wearing women’s clothes come next 🙁 :0 all the other mistresses said chastity is a must for me and it’s going to happen as they mentioned I’ll stay dressed and kept as a girl. They said if I resist they will dump and throw me out and show pictures of me turned into a girl. I can’t have that happen. I have no choice now but to become ldw’s cream puff chastity girl. Will I get release at some point?

    • Hunter

      All of those questions and fears are common… when in chastity, the mind goes all over the place, even places it would not normally go. That’s part of the beauty of it.

  • Mistress Hunter I Love to wear my panties as I Love to feel & look Sexy!The feeling of sliding them on as they are so soft & smooth on my Sissy Skin makes me feel like the True Sissy Girl that I am!

    Wearing Panties and the rest of my Lingerie along with my Long Brown Hair Wig & full Face Make-up completes me as an Sissy Gurl not to mention You Goddesses just Love to see an Sissy Faggot like myself all dressed up like the Pretty Sissy Gurl that’s deep down inside of me!~Sissy Curtsy~ 🙂

  • Ron

    Are you saying that the females KNOW?

  • W

    There is just something about being told to slide those soft panties over her cock that makes me hard just with that simple command. Like it just triggers that it’s okay for me to be submissive and pleasing to her.

  • Ron

    I wear panties because they make me high and on edge all day under my business suit

    • Hunter

      Exactly! It’s hard not to feel on edge and naughty while wearing panties- especially under a business suit, with nobody the wiser… at least that you know of. 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    I wear panties because I’m submissive and I’m a cross dresser. Are you going to have me in matching bra as well lock me in chastity? If so I’ll really be your submissive/weak/
    feminine creampuff sissy

    • Hunter

      Absolutely, petey cream puff! Don’t stop at panties, add the matching bra and a chastity cage! Perfet for creampuff sissies like you!

  • Chastity Pet

    Ahhh Panties! The submissive’s gateway drug. Silky Satiny Panty wearing can lead to so many things! But they feel so good one just can’t resist. You can’t even say the word without smiling. Try’s impossible to do. Just like Boobies! Try either of those two words when you need a group to smile for a photo! All together now…everybody say PANTIES!!! You will have one happy looking bunch and rightfully so because Panties and Boobies are both awesome and make everyone happy!

    I call BS on any guy who could have a sultry sexy ass woman stroke him with silky panties and not have a life long fetish for them after that! They feel amazing! Plus they go along with Chastity like peanut butter and jelly do they not Miss Hunter?

    • Hunter

      LOL, yes… the gateway drug. I like that. And it certainly can lead to many things, especially when worn in combination with a chastity device. Hard to tell what it can lead to… 🙂

  • William

    The first time a girl told me to put on panties I nearly passed out. I could not believe it. I knew that she did not ask other guys she knew and dated to do such. It was a sort of power move. She seemed to know or sense that she could make me. I have associated it with having a small endowment and sort of assumed she did as well. She spoke of her “big” boyfriends and I felt like I knew she would not tell one of them to do such. It does make you feel very submissive.

    • Hunter

      Yes, wearing panties does make you feel very submissive, especially so when you are not well-enough endowed to please her sexually.

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