Men in PantiesIt is common for people to automatically think men in panties want to be feminized and/or degraded.  While it is true that some men who wear panties want that, there a LOT of different reasons men wear panties.

Men in Panties for an Erotic Thrill

A lot of men get a big erotic thrill out of wearing panties under their regular manly clothes because it is so naughty and taboo.  These men are not into being humiliated or feminized and oftentimes are not even submissive.  These panty boys just enjoy wearing the panties because of the excitement they get from being secretly naughty.

Men in Panties to be Humiliated

A lot of men wear panties because it makes them feel humiliated and emasculated.  Wearing panties for them is a sign that they aren’t real men and they just don’t measure up.  Many men who wear panties for humiliation also have a small penis which is why they feel they deserve to be made to wear panties.

Men in Panties to be more Submissive

A lot of Mistresses will put their submissives in panties as a way to remind them of their place in the D/s relationship.  Wearing the panties makes the men feel more submissive and obedient than they would if they were allowed to wear boxers or other manly underwear.  That might make them think they are in charge.

Men in Panties to be Feminized

Many men wear panties in order to be feminine, either as a crossdresser or as a sissy.  Those are both two very different things, but in general, the point of them wearing the panties is for them to be feminized.  Many sissies enjoy being dressed in panties as a way of being humiliated as well as being feminized.

As I mentioned there are many reasons why men wear panties and these categories are not concrete or mutually exclusive and certainly don’t include all the reasons men might wear panties.

Why do YOU wear panties?

Until next time pet~

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