Interrogation.  That word sounds so very harsh.  Oftentimes interrogation is harsh, but it doesn’t have to be.  This post will take a look at interrogation from both ends of the spectrum.

Interrogation Hell

Interrogation fantasies most often lean toward the stricter, harsher forms of interrogation.  Scenes where a strict Mistress uses things like cock and ball torture, hot wax, or electroshock stimulation to “encourage” the submissive to confess are common when it comes to interrogation.  Hardcore interrogation scenes like these are very successful for some Mistresses, but other Mistresses, like me, prefer more seductive interrogation techniques.

Seductive Interrogation

Interrogation also has a little-known, softer side.  On the opposite end of screaming and inflicting obvious pain, is my brand of seductive interrogation.  I enjoy subtle mind games like masturbating you to the edge and then making you beg me not to cum as well as putting you in a Kali’s Teeth Chastity Device and teasing you mercilessly with my hot, sexy body.

Another way I enjoy interrogating you and making you give up all your dirty little secrets and naughty fantasies is by tickling you.  That’s right, tickling you.  I will tickle you mercilessly until what was once fun and pleasurable becomes almost painful and yet, you can’t stop laughing- a typical manifestation of enjoyment.  If you think this sounds like an ineffective way of making you meet my demands, clearly you’ve never experienced tickle torture.

What’dya say?  Are you up for a little seductive interrogation fun?

Until next time, pets~

*** The link to the Kali’s Teeth Chastity Device above is an affiliate link.  Should you decide to purchase the device using the link, I will receive a small stipend from the Stockroom, which will make me very happy.  Keeping Mistress happy is a very good thing, right?

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