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D is for Domination

Domination is the act of asserting control on another person.  Here at the Enchantrix Empire, domination refers to females dominating males, or FemDom for short.

Domination Phone Sex

Domination phone sex is the act of dominating another person over the phone.  You may think it just isn’t possible to do, but with the right motivation, it really can and does work.  Phone Sex Domination works especially well when the man is a submissive with a need to be dominated and his real-life partner doesn’t understand his need for domination or has no interest in pursuing it with him.  It also works well for  men who have high-power jobs and are expected to make quick and accurate decisions all day long. Many times, being submissive for a phone Femdom is a relaxing way to forget about the stress of the real world and get lost in submissive subspace.

 Sensual Domination

Sensual domination is known as the softer side of domination.  Sensual Mistresses, while still firm in what they expect from you, are a bit less harsh and demanding than strict Mistresses.  Sensual Femdoms rarely raise their voice, instead choosing to speak in a softer, more sensual fashion. Sensual domination is domination through seduction. Body worship and tease and denial are common sensual domination activities.

Strict Domination

Strict domination is also known as hardcore domination because strict Mistresses are very firm in their expectations and give orders as opposed to seduction.  They make no bones about the fact that they are superior to the submissive and often order the submissive to participate in more hardcore activities such as  ruined orgasms and chastity or more demeaning activities such as humiliation and objectification.

There you have it pets… “D” is for Domination.

Until next time,

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Huntet

4 comments to D is for Domination

  • Jennifer

    But I’m always able to talk my way out of actually being dominated, sometimes I feel like I am missing out, what am I supposed to do?

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Hunter,

    I am into female domination, and I like it when women control my sexuality. As a sexually male submissive, I need to have my cock controlled, and, both, sensual and strict domination are important. Most of the time, the sensual domination is sufficient, where it involves body worship, tease and denial with edging, guided masturbation, and erotic spanking. Since I am into long-term orgasm denial, I am granted the pleasures of stroking, but I am denied the pleasures of orgasm, unless it is earned.

    There are times, when harsher and stricter forms of female domination are required. This is done in cases, where I do not masturbate enough, or if I masturbate too much, or other forms of disobedience. There were times when my in-person mistresses or a few of the LDW mistresses had to administer come corrective punishments. I have received some hard whippings and floggings. I have also had my testicles spanked with wooden spoons, rulers, and small floggers.

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