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Squeezed, Stirred, Poked, and Slurped: A Phone Sex Breakfast!

My, my.  So many horny strokers, cucks, and sluts this morning!  Today, I chatted with a chronic masturbator (who called yesterday, was assigned edging tasks, and denied), a humiliation slut who just couldn’t enough, two cocksuckers who were craving cock so bad they couldn’t stand it, fluffy the fagboy and occasional sissy girl, a . . . → Read More: Squeezed, Stirred, Poked, and Slurped: A Phone Sex Breakfast!

Humiliation, Sweet Humiliation

Humiliation.  It’s what you crave, what you need.  Oh how your little dickie stands at attention when you hear a smart, sexy, dominant woman telling you that you’re not good enough- that you’ll never be good enough to be her boyfriend.  Embarrassing.  Humiliating, and oh such a turn-on!!

Tiny Dick too Small to Feel . . . → Read More: Humiliation, Sweet Humiliation

No More Camping for Mistress

Many of you have been askng if I survived my camping trip because I haven’t posted since I’ve been back.  The answer, of course, is “Yes, I did survive!”, however I have no plans to camp again, ever!

As mentioned in a previous post, I was able to see nature’s beauty, but decided I . . . → Read More: No More Camping for Mistress