“Blown gasket- too HOT to handle” read the computer screen.  Mechanic Gemma, who hooked the Bus up to the computer last night, was not a bit surprised.  “You can’t haul around a crowd this HOT and rowdy for as long as the Magic Bus has, and not overheat and blow a gasket”, she said.

Kinky Adult Chat Overheats the Magic Bus

Quite frankly, I’m not a bit surprised. As if sexy steph at the wheel wasn’t enough to overheat things, andy’s perpetual groping adds fuel to the fire, as does kindle, kel, and tommieboy with their own brand of “oregano”.  Add to that space probe and nurse josie making out in the back, it’s a wonder the bus lasted this long!  Add to that all the other naughty cock radio listeners and kinky adult chatters and it’s a wonder the Bus didn’t spontaneously combust!  I know *I* overheat just thinking about it!

Do you have the right tool for the job?

The mechanic and I challenge you all to bring your favorite tool with you to the bus garage next week, for a little “show and tell.” Gee, must I choose just one? There are so many I like to use!

What tool will you bring?  Mmmm, I can only imagine what some of you will bring.  I can hardly wait until next Sunday night to find out!

What is the Magic Bus and why is it in the garage?

Those of you who haven’t ridden the Bus before, may just be wondering what the heck I am talking about! I’m talking about the lovely Empress Catherine’s Magic Bus cockradio show on Sunday nights at 10pm EST.

Ms Catherine has decided to take a little time off from the Bus, so the rest of the passengers and I have decided to continue the Sunday night tradition and broadcast Live from the Bus Garage until Ms Catherine determines the Bus is fit enough to travel again.

Join Ms Gemma, Mechanic Extraordinaire and I on Cock Radio, Sunday night at 10pm EST, as we broadcast Live from the Bus Garage.

See you Sunday night- and don’t forget to bring your favorite Tool!
Meanwhile I am off to the Sissy School  Girlie Boards to see if I can help catch a panty thief!

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