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3 Ways to Get Lucky and win Free Phone Sex

Free Phone Sex!!! Who wants free phone sex? You want free phone sex, don’t you? Well, this Wednesday (St. Patrick’s Day), if you play your cards right, you can win a free 10 minute phone sex call with a participating Mistress!

1st Way to Win Free Phone Sex

The first way to win free . . . → Read More: 3 Ways to Get Lucky and win Free Phone Sex

Poor Addicted Stroker Boy

 A guest post from Intelligent Femdom Empress Constance

I have been enjoying some fun with a certain stroker boy these past few weeks and because I cant’ see having all that fun by myself I have brought Ms Hunter in on our sessions.  Now we have this poor addicted stroker boy, yanking and tugging OUR . . . → Read More: Poor Addicted Stroker Boy

Naked Opera Anyone?

Imagine 5,200 naked people all in one place.  Now consider that these 5,200 people are all naked at the opera! Quick, fetch my opera glasses- I don’t want to miss a thing, from the big strong bulls with big cocks, to the itty bitty teeny weenie short dick men.

Magic Flute Move Over- Make . . . → Read More: Naked Opera Anyone?