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Humiliation Phone Sex Marathon

Humiliation Phone Sex with Hunter (800) 601- 6975

Ready for some humiliation? (800) 601-6975

Though I didn’t start out yesterday with humiliation phone sex in mind, it turned out to be a fun-filled day full of erotic humiliation.  Nearly every call I had yesterday was for humiliation and I must admit, I quite enjoyed them all.  From tiny dick cuckolds to sissy fags to worthless losers, it seems all the humiliation sluts came out of the woodwork yesterday.

Forms of Humiliation

There are so many different types of humiliation and different nuances within each type that it’s impossible to fathom them all, but there are a few common threads.  Typically humiliation is either subtle and implied or hardcore and in your face.  Some people enjoy one type more than the other and others like it all, while still others aren’t into any type of humiliation.

For some, verbal humiliation is a big trigger.  Hearing me laugh at them or calling them names really gets them going.  For others, the trigger is being made to do humiliating things.

Some get turned on by just having to confess their humiliating thoughts and fantasies.  Things they’ve never told anybody before because they are too embarrassed by them.

The fun part for me is getting to know the person, figuring out what their humiliation triggers and hot buttons are, and then pushing those buttons and pulling those triggers.

 Not into Humiliation Phone Sex?  That’s okay too!

If you’re into being humiliated, great!  Since I’m on a humiliation phone sex roll, I look forward to you calling so I can humiliate you.  If you’re not into being humiliated, that’s fine, too, because I like all sorts of kinky naughty fun.  I love cuckolding, tease and denial (especially denial, lol), chastity, feminization, cum eating, coerced cock sucking, body worship, and sooooo much more!

Oh, and… Happy Hump Day!

Until next time, pets~

Annual Cock Radio Birthday Bash on September 23rd

It’s that time of year again!  It’s September… my birthday month.  And Constance’s birthday month.  And a few other ladies’ birthday month.  You know what that means, don’t you?

A Cock Radio Birthday Bash!

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Double Your Pleasure With 2 Mistress Calls And A Free 2 Mistress Audio

Two Mistress Call = Free 2 Mistress Audio

I’m not sure I can quite put into words how much fun I’ve had with Mistress Hunter over the past few weeks. Getting to know each other better and re-enacting our favorite movies. (whispers) We did 9 1/2 weeks, complete with blindfolds and refrigerator scene… . . . → Read More: Double Your Pleasure With 2 Mistress Calls And A Free 2 Mistress Audio

Phone Sex isn’t always Sex

     Ready for some good conversation? (800) 601-6975

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- phone sex isn’t always about sex.  In fact, the ‘sex’ part is often just a small part of a much larger picture.  Sure, I have a few callers who call strictly to get off and . . . → Read More: Phone Sex isn’t always Sex

Erotic Food Play Masturbation

From whipped cream and strawberries with chocolate sauce, to cakes and pastries, to cucumbers and melons, food play in the bedroom can be very erotic, wet and messy fun!

Erotic Food Play with Oils

Oh sure, you’ve probably at least thought about stroking with coconut oil or olive oil, but have you ever thought about . . . → Read More: Erotic Food Play Masturbation

Hotel Room Phone Sex and 3 Shades of Red

Ready for some kinky Hotel Room Phone Sex?

Hotel room phone sex webcam calls are one of my favorite types of calls because while the stroker pet is away, I get to watch him play!

It isn’t always easy to find the time alone for a kinky phone sex call and it can be even more . . . → Read More: Hotel Room Phone Sex and 3 Shades of Red

When Masturbation Crosses the Line

Masturbation. Everybody does it.  And for good reason.  It feels good and it is good for you– to a point.  Self-pleasuring, if not careful, can quickly cross the line from being beneficial to being detrimental, both emotionally and physically.

The Positive Side of Masturbation

Some of the benefits of masturbation include:

— Sexual release when . . . → Read More: When Masturbation Crosses the Line

Cum Eating and Orgasm Denial

Will he give in and agree to eat his cum?

Cum eating and orgasm denial.  You might think that sounds like an oxymoron, but it really isn’t.  You see, I have a pet who is currently being denied simply because he doesn’t want to eat his own cum. During an intense orgasm edging session . . . → Read More: Cum Eating and Orgasm Denial

Why Men Love Tranny Cock

Why  are men fascinated with shemale cocks?  The answer to this one is easy- at least, to me it is.  All men are fascinated with cock in one way or the other, whether it’s their own or someone else’s.

The Beauty of Shemale Cock

I mentioned in a previous post that I don’t think . . . → Read More: Why Men Love Tranny Cock

Is Chastity for You?

Is Chastity for You?

I get a lot of questions from guys wondering whether or not they should try chastity.  Chastity–on a regular basis, or as a lifestyle– is not for everyone, however; I do think all men should at least try it at least once for a day or two before deciding . . . → Read More: Is Chastity for You?