Hotel Room Phone Sex and 3 Shades of Red

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Ready for some kinky Hotel Room Phone Sex?

Hotel room phone sex webcam calls are one of my favorite types of calls because while the stroker pet is away, I get to watch him play!

It isn’t always easy to find the time alone for a kinky phone sex call and it can be even more difficult when you add a webcam into the mix.  This is why hotel room phone sex webcam calls are so much fun.  You can use your sex toys and do all sorts of naughty things you might not ordinarily get to do for lack of time or privacy.

Last night, I enjoyed just such a call with a certain caller of mine who was travelling for business .  This particular stroker pet  is not shy about going on cam and we’ve had many hot webcam calls together but last night’s was one of the most memorable for me.  In fact, it had me seeing Red.  Three shades of Red!

Let me explain…

Wearing Sexy Red Panties with Mistress

As I said, we’ve enjoyed many hot, sexy phone calls together and no call would be complete without coordinating our panties.  There is something naughty and exciting knowing we are both wearing matching panties all day before the call.  It’s a fun naughty little secret to share.  Sometimes we wear black just because it is so sexy.  Other times we wear blue to symbolize the extensive tease and denial that is taking place.

There are many different colors and patterns to symbolize various occasions, and the color for last night was racy red!   Racy red means naughty and being alone in a hotel room is the perfect place to relax, slip on a pair of racy red panties and get naughty on cam for Mistress.

Drinking Red, Red Wine with Mistress

It is no secret that this phone sex mistress enjoys a glass of wine or three now and then. ;)  This is particularly true on those rare occasions when I get to enjoy an evening webcam call with a stroker pet, as was the case last night.  Knowing this and not wanting me to drink alone, he also brought a glass of red wine to enjoy.

As we were enjoying our red wine together and chatting about the usual subjects prior to play-time, he showed me all the toys he’d brought with him, including the hairbrush he uses for spankings.  It was, after all, only a few days after his birthday, and he did owe me some birthday spankings.

One thing led to another, and before we realized it, we’d had a fantabulous play time, ending in an explosive orgasm.  It was only afterward, during the pillow talk, that he mentioned I’d forgotten something and he’d be remiss if he didn’t remind me about it.  Hmm, what could I have possibly have forgotten?  (I’m blaming it all on the wine, of course!)

Spanking a Bottom Red for Mistress

Ohhhh, yeah.  SPANKINGS!  How could I have forgotten about the SPANKINGS?  Did I still want him to do the birthday spankings?  You betcha!  And spank, he did!  By the time he finished paddling, that bottom was rosy red!

As we were commenting just how red his back side was, it suddenly occurred to us that he was wearing Racy Red panties while drinking Red, Red wine with a Rosy Red bottom!

It may not have been “50 Shades of Grey” in his hotel room that night, but it certainly was 3 Shades of Red!!

There you have it, pets, a peak into my 3 Shades of Red.  :)

Until next time,

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress, Hunter


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