The Crazy Train is Heading Back to the Station

Sirena and I are pulling the Friday Night Crazy Train back into the station for the summer.  The Crazy Train usually airs on Cock Radio at 8pm on Friday nights but after this Friday night, 6/13, will be taking a break for the summer.  Check back here for updates on when the train will resume boarding the crazies.

The Crazy Train is parked at the station for the summer.

The Crazy Train will park at the station for the summer.  Check back here to see when the Crazy Train will resume.


Spring Means Pretty Feet in Sandals

It’s finally spring.  If you’re a foot worshiper, you’ve been waiting all winter for this.  Spring, with all those pretty feet in sandals, is like a smorgasbord for foot lovers everywhere.  You can bet I’m wearing sandals to show off my pretty feet and pretty polished toes!

I love to have my feet worshiped. . . . → Read More: Spring Means Pretty Feet in Sandals


T is for Tease

Oh how this phone sex mistress loves to tease! Teasing phone sex. Tease and denial. Tease and torment… you name it. If it’s teasing, I love it!

Teasing Phone Sex

I love scenarios where I’m your sexy neighbor who knows you can see her through the window and puts on a show for you . . . → Read More: T is for Tease


In Need of a Sissy Maid

With spring just around the corner, when I’m not talking dirty on the phones, I’m busy planning and starting (indoors) my garden.

This may seem odd, but I’m convinced the only way to stay young and healthy is to eat clean and the only way to be sure food is clean is to grow . . . → Read More: In Need of a Sissy Maid


What’s in My Nightstand?

Ms. Hunter’s Nightstand Drawer

“What’s in your nightstand, Ms. Hunter?”  I get this question a lot, so I thought I’d break it down for you.

Assorted Vibrators and Dildos

Those of you that know me know how much I love my vibrators and dildos.  My nightstand is proof of that.  Open the bottom . . . → Read More: What’s in My Nightstand?


S is for Stroking

Mistress Hunter (800)601-6975

I love to watch you on cam as I guide your masturbation session

‘S’ is for Stroking.  What man doesn’t enjoy stroking?  It’s even more enjoyable when a woman is involved.  Whether a woman is stroking your cock for you, telling you how to stroke your cock, watching you stroke your cock, or . . . → Read More: S is for Stroking


R is for Rhabdophilia

Bend Over!!

Rhabdophilia refers to fantasies involving the flagellation fetish- Spanking.

To spank or be spanked?

Do you love to spank, be spanked, or both? If so, you have rhabdophilia.  I love giving a good erotic spanking.   Bending you over my knee, cock positioned strategically between my thighs, kneading those cheeks between my . . . → Read More: R is for Rhabdophilia


Listen to My Mistress Interview

Ms. Hunter dishes with Ms. Tia

I had a great time being interviewed tonight by Ms. Tia and chatting with all those in the chat room during the interview.  If you weren’t able to join us, you can listen to my Mistress interview here.

Until next time, pets~ . . . → Read More: Listen to My Mistress Interview


Mistress Interview Tonight

Hello, pets. Just a quick post to remind you about my Mistress interview tonight. Join Ms. Tia and me tonight at 8pm on Talkshoe. You never know what you might learn!!

Ms. Tia interviews me tonight at 8pm on . . . → Read More: Mistress Interview Tonight


Q is for Queening


‘Q’ is for Queening.  Queening refers to a Mistress sitting on the face of her submissive and directing him in oral servitude.

 Face Sitting

The terms queening and facesitting are often used interchangeably.  Either way, I’m sitting on your face, directing you, the submissive.  Sometimes I may sit facing forward so . . . → Read More: Q is for Queening