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Do you Take it in the Ass?

Do you take it in the ass?  If not, do you want to?  You should.  Anal play is a great masturbation enhancer and once you’ve experienced an anal or prostate orgasm, you will be hooked on ass play.

Preparing to Take it in the Ass

There are many ways to introduce anal play if you’ve never taken it in the ass but would like to.  Before trying any sort of anal play, preparation is a must.  Be sure you’ve emptied your bowels and have thoroughly washed the area prior to any type of anal play.   Lube, preferably silicone based, is also a must!

The best way to begin ass play is with a well-lubed finger.  After working it a few minutes, add a second finger; and, eventually, a third.  Once you’ve comfortably worked  three fingers in and out for a bit, you are ready to take it in the ass.

So Many Ways to Take it in the Ass

Some prefer the feel of a real cock in their ass while others prefer to use a variety of toys.  Here are some tried and true favorites:

  1. Prostate Massager – The prostate massager is one of the best and easiest ways to introduce anal play.  Designed specifically to target the prostate, eliciting the much-revered prostate orgasm.  Prostate massagers are also fairly slender so they are perfect for beginning to take it in the ass for the first time.
  2. Progressive Anal Beads – Progressive anal beads are a good for beginner/intermediate level ass play enthusiasts.  The beads get progressively larger with the largest closest to the base.  This allows you to take your time working up to the next size.
  3. Rippled Butt Plugs – Rippled butt plugs are great for taking it in the ass on an intermediate level.  Similar to the beads, the plug starts narrower and gets progressively wider toward the base.
  4. Vibrating Butt Plug – For intermediate level anal play, vibrating butt plugs are terrific.  The vibrations on the prostate cause very intense orgasms, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced unless you’ve done it before.
  5. Dildo – Dildos are best for intermediate/advanced anal play.  These tend to be much thicker and longer and require time to build up to being able to use them to take it in the ass.

Do YOU take it in the ass?  Well… do you?

Do you enjoy anal play and regularly take it in the ass, are you curious about anal play but afraid to try, or have you tried it and decided “it’s not for me?”  Leave a comment and let me know whether your ass play is nil, at a novice level, intermediate level, or advanced level?

Until next time, pets~

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In Vegas all Week…

                                    Hello pets~

Mistress Hunter        (800) 601-6975

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Post Birthday Bash Thank You

Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter (800)601-6975

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