Erotic Food Play Masturbation

From whipped cream and strawberries with chocolate sauce, to cakes and pastries, to cucumbers and melons- food play in the bedroom can be very erotic and wet and messy fun!

Erotic Food Play with Oils

Oh sure, you’ve probably at least thought about stroking with coconut oil or olive oil, but have you ever thought about using butter? Sesame Oil?  There are many different oils that work great for lube.  Coconut oil has the added benefit of tasting pretty good too, so, if you are squeamish about eating your own cum, perhaps the coconut oil will make it easier to follow through.

Aside from stroking with these oils, have you thought about how erotic it would be to cover yourself in oil?  After all, you probably get pretty excited when you see two women wresting in a pool of oil.  They’re likely as turned-on as you are. There is something sexy and erotic about being all slippery and naked!

Erotic Food Play with Vegetables

There are many phallic vegetables if you think about it, so it would seem only natural that vegetables would be a part of erotic food play.  A cucumber. A zucchini.  A carrot.  A parsnip.  And the list could go on and on.  All of these come in various sizes and are perfect for sucking and for anal play, however; do not suck on or insert any vegetable without first covering it with a condom!

Erotic Food Play with Fruits

Fruits can be extra fun for sexy food play because many of them contain compounds that work well as body paint, which can be fun individually or with a partner.

There are also melons. These work great to hollow out and fuck.  I love to watch my pets fuck their melons on cam for me, so if you want to give food fucking a try, don’t be shy!

One of my favorites, is the banana.  Yes, it is rather phallic and can be used with a condom for cock sucking practice but have you ever tried stroking with the banana peel?  Better yet, have you tried stroking with the peel with 1/4 of the banana attached?  If you do this and then cum inside the peel, it will make a yummy cum eating banana cream pie!  If you’re squeamish about eating your cum, this might be a good way to try it the first time.

Erotic Food Play with Sweet Treats

Cakes, pies, and pastries make wonderful treats for erotic food play.  Sitting on a cake, as Ms. Constance’s puppet did for us on a call not long ago, can be very hot and sexy.  Feeling that frosting and those crumbs squish between the cheeks and cover the balls can really be exciting!

Almost Any Food Can be Used in Erotic Food Play

While I’ve given some of the more common fun, sexy ways you can incorporate sexy food play into your masturbation routine, the possibilities are endless.  Let your imagination go and see where it takes you!

It’s also a good idea to have a plastic table cloth or a tarp or something you can use to help make the after-masturbation cleanup a breeze!

There you have it pets, fun ways to incorporate erotic food play into your masturbation routine for a hot, sexy, wet and messy time!

Until next time,

Your Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter


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