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The Adventures of Secret Cock Slut M Continue

This is the second post in a series.  Read Introducing Secret Cock Slut M for more details.

Cock Slut M Caught Staring

As I mentioned in the first post, M fantasizes about locker room guy’s cock constantly.  He tries very hard not to stare at his dick because he doesn’t want to out himself as a closet cocksucker but when locker room guy walks away, M stares unabashedly at his ass.  He does this, of course, because he thinks he won’t get noticed.

Well, he was wrong!  One day, as M was staring at locker room guy’s ass on the way to the shower, another guy happened to come around the corner and catch M staring at locker room guy’s ass.  The man didn’t say anything, but his eyes met M’s for a moment, and the look said it all.

Cock Slut M Excited by Humiliation

You would think M would be embarrassed and apologetic about being caught, but he wasn’t.  His face may have blushed but his little dicky got hard. Really hard.  So hard, in fact, that he had to rush over to the stall and take care of things.

As M was walking out of the stall, the guy who caught him staring looked over at him with a knowing look which, you guessed it, made M’s dick hard all over again.

Now, M relives that day at the gym a lot.  He’s very turned on at the thought of the guy telling other guys about him or even telling the girl at the front desk about him.  So turned on that… well, you know.

There you have it pets, the second installment of secret cock slut M’s adventures.  Although, I’m not so sure he’s a “secret” cock slut anymore!

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Introducing Secret Cock Slut M

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Do you Take it in the Ass?

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The Year of the Sissy Cocksucker

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In Vegas all Week…

                                    Hello pets~

Mistress Hunter        (800) 601-6975

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Coerced Orgasm Fridays for Sparty!

Coerced Orgasm Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

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After 21 Weeks of Tease and Denial, Sparty Finally Squirts!

Tease and Denial with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975

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4 Things to Bring to your Guided Masturbation Session

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Post Birthday Bash Thank You

Intelligent Fantasies Mistress Hunter (800)601-6975

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