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Naked Gardening Day Cock Tease Style

Cock teasing is in my blood.  I’ve been a cock tease for as long as I can remember so when I found out there was such a thing as naked gardening day, you’d better believe I was excited about it!

Unfortunately, the weather was much too chilly here for me to take advantage of this particular holiday this year, but I had fun envisioning scenarios that might have played out if the weather would’ve been nicer.

Cock Tease Gardens Naked

In this scenario, I actually garden naked, being the natural cock tease I am, while the neighborhood men try their best to watch me without getting caught.  Of course, I know they are watching me.  Every move is calculated for just that reason.  To tease, to drive them wild, to make them want more.

After the naked gardening session is over, I enjoy chatting with them, fully clothed, never letting on that I knew they were watching me.  A cock tease must never show her hand. 🙂

Gardening Naked while being Teased

In this scenario, I envision naked slaves gardening for me as I flit about the garden, fully-clothed in my sexiest attire, teasing and tormenting them.  Giving them hope for something more, just enough to keep them doing a good job in the garden, all the while having no intentions of allowing their hopes to manifest.

Deep down, they know they don’t stand a chance, yet they can’t resist my cock teasing prowess, so they continue gardening for me while naked and on display for all to see and for my amusement.

There you have it, pets- a couple of naked gardening scenarios that I would enjoy.

Until next time~

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Girlfriend Phone Sex

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